Within the 8 Month deadline
Upto 5% of the project cost
Smooth operations ensured
The Background
Nagpur Metro Rail Construction Ltd. (NMRCL), now known as Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation, is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created for the smooth implementation and operations of the Nagpur Metro Rail Project. It is a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra, with 50:50 equity.
Right from the word go, the aspiration was to create a project of high quality; the team at NMRCL was keenly aware that this was no small task. Both internationally and in India, infrastructure projects often experienced delays and cost overruns due to several reasons, including the complexities of execution with various stakeholders. While technology offered a host of tools to address specific issues over the years, it wasn’t delivering the desired results on the whole yet.
At NMRCL, the Managing Director as well as the stakeholders held a clear vision:
To complete the project on time, on budget and adhere to the highest standards of quality, by embracing the latest technology.
The Challenge
To achieve its goal, NMRCL wished to automate its operations and integrate its processes. How?
By deploying proven integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), 5D-BIM (5 Dimensional Building Information Modeling) and comprehensive digital project management.
The success of the project would be gauged on four key parameters:
1 Service Delivery
2 Operational Excellence
3 Transparency
4 Compliance
The Solution
Time and again, BIM has proven to be a valuable resource, especially for construction projects. Its benefits include improved construction quality, significantly lower lifecycle costs, improved operational efficiencies and consequentially, an increase in the use rate. Today, thanks to the evolution of BIM solutions, they can be integrated with other systems. The result is that time and cost dimensions can now be monitored along with progress.
At Ingenium, we took NMRCL’s vision and crafted a comprehensive IT strategy. It incorporated the best solutions, which were integrated by design to operate seamlessly – right from the CEO’s office down to the construction sites and other outposts during execution. We chose system integration partners and technology vendors through a competitive bidding process factoring in both quality and cost, or through weighted average QCBS with an aggressive timeline.
Our experience, our understanding of the latest technologies and focus on real-world solutions delivered, and how. Today, the project has been successfully executed, within the stipulated time frame.
The Results
NMRCL has set a benchmark in Indian infrastructure for technology adoption and information flow. The success of the project is evident in the resulting transparency in decision-making, in the control over budgets, and most of all, in its timely execution with identified interdependencies. Our attention to detail has also ensured that maintenance and operations can be carried out with ease after the completion of the project.
Across Asia, this is a pioneering effort, one where breakthroughs in technology have been employed effectively.