In 2013, senior business and technology leaders of world's largest business organizations launched Ingenium Advisory (IA) to drive a greater degree of innovation and transformation leadership into boardrooms around the world.

They were responding to a serious senior-level leadership need in two critical areas:
1. Strategic Value of Technology: Today’s enterprises are very technology dependent and
struggle to maximize the value from their technology investments.
2. Moving Digital: Changing business models to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Passionate about making technology effective and impactful to the business, the IA partner team of professionals has a combined 450 man-years of practitioner and senior leadership experience, designing and executing global value chain strategies, achieving budget, time-to-market, customer satisfaction and revenue objectives.

IA principals are able look through both a business and a technology lens, with instincts honed over professional lifetimes of experience; they have “been there and done that.” Fusing technology and business, they support and empower the C-Suite through the many stages of strategic planning, systems implementation, migration and day-to-day execution. Their clients can confidently move forward with the technology agenda and execution, as it plays an increasingly integral role in helping each organization be prepared for the business complexities and challenges ahead.

Ingenium Advisory leverages extensive cross-industry experience to work with global enterprises, transforming technology groups into high-performance powerhouses that enable and drive business.

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